Jaspa's injured knee

Meet Jaspa, a spunky little Jack Russell Terrier, who was brought into our clinic last week after his owners noticed he was hopping around on three legs. During his visit Dr Tom suspected Jaspa had injured his knee.

Jaspa was sedated so X-rays could be taken of his back leg. The X-rays confirmed that Jaspa had torn his cruciate ligament. The cruciate ligaments are found inside the knee joint and join the femur and tibia together. Cruciate ligament damage can be caused by a twisting injury to the knee joint or a degenerative disease. Twisting injuries are most often seen in dogs when running and suddenly changing direction, causing the majority of the weight to be taken on a single joint. This injury usually affects the anterior (front) ligament. The joint is then unstable and causes extreme pain, often resulting in lameness.

We arranged surgery to be performed on Jaspa's knee to repair the damaged ligament. The surgery involves placing an artificial ligament along the outside of the knee joint. During the operation Jaspa was given an epidural to prevent him from experiencing pain. Jaspa is now recovering at home where he will be rested (and pampered) by his lovely owners for several weeks whilst the joint heals.