Hazel bites off more than she can chew

Hazel is an elegant 7 year old tabby who, until recently, loved for nothing more than to chase her furry grey and white mouse toys around the house! One night, after she had vomited once, Hazel put herself to bed early. The next morning she was no better and after vomiting several times and refusing breakfast it was time to see the Vet.

It became quite clear to Hazel that she was indeed on her way to the vet clinic. Although she enjoyed going to see her friend Dr Louise and she was feeling quite ill, a trip to the hospital was never very enjoyable. Dr Louise examined Hazel; she listened to her heart, her chest, and felt her tummy. There were no obvious signs of a foreign body at this stage.

Hazel was admitted into the hospital for intravenous fluids to re-hydrate her after all of the vomiting. She was also given medication to help ease her upset stomach. At that stage it was unclear as to what we were dealing with.

The next morning abdominal x-rays were taken using an opaque contrast study and it appeared quite obvious that there was some form of obstruction. Exploratory surgery was performed later that afternoon and we found a small plastic nose, off one of Hazel's mouse toys.

Hazel's recovery from surgery was good, although knowing all of her toy mice would be confiscated as soon as she returned home, made her sad!