Ferdinand the French bulldog's ear infection

Ferdinand the beautiful French bulldog loves coming to visit us here at the clinic which is lucky since he has needed to see us a few times recently.

Ferdinand was here for his de-sexing procedure and it was noticed that he also had an ear infection. The signs of an ear infection could be a smell coming from the ear, head shaking, scratching at the ear or even discharge coming from the ear.

To find out what was down there we needed to take a swab from the ear canal and have a look at the sample under the microscope. What we found was bacteria and yeast which was thriving in the warm conditions of inside the ear.

In a situation such as this, we need to find out what is in there so we can pick the best medication to kill the infection. Once we know what medication to use a course will be given. Before the medications are to be stopped it is important for another swab must be taken to see if the infection has been cleared up. If we stop the medication too soon and there are still bacteria and yeast in the canal then the infection will return.

If you think that your pet may have an ear infection and would like to make an appointment please call the clinic on 9347 1988.