Dixie's Joint Pain

Dixie, a 9 year old black Labrador, has had joint problems for much of her life. In 2005, she developed lameness in her back legs which has also affected her front legs on and off. She has since been diagnosed with OCD (Osteochondritis Dissecans), a disease of the cartilage that can affect various joints in a dog, and Osteoarthritis. This means that we can only help her manage the pain.

Dixie has tried essentially everything to help her with pain management and mobility - from surgeries, diet and exercise regimes to supplements - Dixie has tried the lot!

One positive is that she has the most relief on Synovan injections (formally Pentosan) which is both an anti-inflammatory and cartilage growth stimulant. However, long-term medications can in some cases lead to side-effects, and if something as simple as a diet change can provide relief, why not give it a go?

We recently had a talk from our representative from Hill’s Science Diet, who explained that Hill’s prescription diet, J/D has been scientifically formulated with specialty nutrients to help improve your pet’s mobility. J/D contains EPA, the Omega 3 fatty acid which encourages the growth of cartilage, as well as being complete and balanced; it helps provide a healthy weight (which in turn prevents extra strain on joints) and promotes a healthy immune system. The addition of glucosamine and chondroitin means that J/D will actively soothe joint pain as well as reducing further degradation of cartilage.

Hill’s J/D comes with the 21 day trial program. It has been created to allow Veterinarians and owners to see the difference in pain and mobility in their pets in just 21 days. That is quite the claim! Fortunately, Hill’s has the science behind this claim to back it up. Independent experts and universities have completed and published their own studies on J/D.

We have undertaken our own 21 day trials here at Carlton. Dixie was one of the first we signed up. She started her trial a few weeks ago and fingers crossed Dixie gets some relief from the trial - so far we have noticed that she is a little lighter on her feet and has managed to jump into her car for the first time in many years. We certainly will keep you posted on her progress!

If you think your pet could benefit from the J/D 21 Day Trial or if you would like to learn more about this product, contact the clinic 9347 1988 or drop in today! Don’t forget, Hill’s J/D is available in both wet and dry and come in feline and canine form.

To join the trial you will need an initial veterinarian consultation, to ensure that your pet is happy and healthy and that a change in diet would benefit your pet. Be prepared to also fill out a short questionnaire about your pet.