Did Jackson swallow the earring?

Meet Jackson, a 9 week old whippet. Jackson is a cheeky boy and like most puppies likes to chew anything in reach. His owner rang us on Christmas Eve as she had taken him for a walk and he had sat down and refused to go any further. She picked him up and he started nibbling on her ear, only then to feel that her earring was missing!

Concerned that Jackson had swallowed the earring, she brought him to the clinic to get him checked. If Jackson had swallowed the earring, it could become stuck in the gastrointestinal tract and cause a blockage, or pierce through the tissue.

Jackson was admitted to the hospital where he was given medication to induce vomiting. When a pet swallows a foreign object we have about an hour to induce vomiting before the contents leave the stomach for the small intestine. Fortunately it turned out that Jackson had not swallowed the earring but unfortunate for his mum who is now missing an earring! Jackson went home with an empty tummy but a wagging tail.

Although Jackson's visit to us wasn't the most pleasant for him, it was better to know that he had not swallowed the earring rather than be sorry later on!