Delphi's cystotomy

Delphi is a 4 year old British short haired cat who has a history of cystitis (bladder inflammation). Delphi's owners brought him to the clinic to get an x-ray of his bladder. Three stones about 1mm to 2mm in diameter were discovered and would need to be removed. A surgery day was scheduled for Delphi.

On the morning of the surgery, Delphi was admitted into hospital and was placed on intravenous fluids and given a pre-medication. A pre-medication is a mixture of drugs given to a patient before a surgical procedure. These drugs are typically sedative or analgesic. Intravenous fluids are highly recommended for any surgical procedure. They help maintain normal blood pressure, help keep the patient hydrated during the procedure and assist the kidney and liver to flush the anaesthetic agents out of the body to ensure a speedy recovery.

After a veterinary nurse had finished preparing Delphi for surgery, our veterinary surgeon began the procedure. The name of the procedure Delphi was having is called a cystotomy, which means the surgical removal of a stone in the urinary bladder. A surgical incision was made through the abdomen and into the urinary bladder. The three stones were removed. Once the vet had closed the incision, the bladder was checked for leaks by partially filling it with sterile saline. If there are no leaks, the abdomen is flushed clean and the vet would suture the incision in the abdomen.

Delphi made a good recovery from his surgery. He was given pain relief and antibiotic injections. Delphi was required to stay at the clinic overnight so we can monitor his progress. He was made comfortable in a warm cage with a heated pad, soft fluffy bedding and a cosy blanket. Delphi remained on his intravenous fluids overnight and was given a small meal.

The next morning Delphi was bright and happy. He had been urinating very well overnight and continued to do so throughout the day. He didn't seem to be in any pain or discomfort so he was taken off his intravenous fluids. Delphi went home that evening, he was very happy to see his owner.

The next day our veterinary nurse contacted Delphi's owners to see how everything was going at home. Delphi seemed quite comfortable and not too bothered by his stitches. He was scheduled to come for a check up in a couple of days and then again to have his sutures removed.