Delilah's new life

This month we are going back to one of our adoption kittens, Delilah who now has a new home as well as a new name - "Pebbles."

Pebbles was presented to Liz, her new mum as a surprise birthday present about six months ago. Since then Liz and Pebbles have become a tight pair. Pebbles loves greeting her mum at the front door every day when she comes home from work. She has been enjoying life and learning her new routines, including learning to walk on a harness and lead. She is an indoor cat who loves her outdoor walks and will run straight for the door, ready and waiting, as soon as she hears the bells on her lead! 

We are so pleased to have an update about Pebbles and wish the pair have nothing but happiness and joy together.

Read about Pebbles' humble beginnings here.

Find out more information about our Cat Adoption Program.

Please bear in mind that we currently do not have any kittens up for adoption in the clinic, but this should be changing in the future!