Cinder's Bladder Stones

Cinder is a lovely poodle cross fox terrier who we had in earlier this month with some bladder issues.

Cinder's owners noticed Cinder was having issues going to the toilet and brought her in for a check up. After urinalysis, ultrasounds and an abdominal exam, it was discovered that Cinder has bladder stones (uroliths).

Now she has been treated, Cinder is on a special diet that will help her maintain optimum bladder health for life. The vet, Dr Tom Rampton felt that Cinder would benefit from being on Hill's Canine Prescription Diet C/D for urinary tract health.

Bladder stones can be very painful, and if left untreated can cause further health issues.

Urine issues can include straining, frequent urination, infrequent urination, urinating with not much liquid coming out, blood in urine, whimpering – any changes in toiletting behaviour should be seen by a vet as soon as possible.

Bladder stones and crystals are caused by a build up of minerals (proteins, magnesium and phosphorus), which form together to create crystals/stones in both the bladder and urinary tract. This is why certain dogs should be on prescription diets - they need the correct balance of minerals to help them maintain optimum bladder health.

At Carlton, we recommend both Hills Prescription Diet and Royal Canin when it comes to maintaining optimum bladder health.

Hill's Prescription Diet has been specially created to help minimise the minerals that build up to create crystals and bladder stones. It also contains low levels of sodium, which helps maintain normal blood pressure as well as added antioxidants which helps promote a healthy immune system.

Royal Canin's Urinary S/O Diet has been formulated with urine acidifying properties (which dissolves the minerals and prevents them building up), urine dilution (which helps prevents crystals) and low magnesium levels. Royal Canin best treats those suffering from struvites - a certain type of urinary stone caused by excess magnesium levels.

Being on prescription diets long-term is how they work best; as they can take up to and over a month or so before you really start to get your pets balance back under control.

If you know your pet suffers from urinary tract infections or bladder stones/crystals and would benefit from being on a urinary diet, call us at the clinic and make an appointment today, or drop in for a chat with one of our veterinary nurses who are always happy to help.