Chilli the Doberman's 'shattering' accident

Chilli's owners' brought him to the clinic, after a terrifying accident, at home. After hearing his mum Lisa arrive home from work Chilli had jumped up on the glass door in excitement and unfortunately smashed through the door. Chilli was admitted to the hospital as an emergency case for treatment.

He had badly cut his left forelimb, in several places and had severed two major tendons. He had also cut through a major blood vessel and was bleeding profusely. A pressure bandage was applied immediately to minimise the blood loss. Chilli was placed on intravenous fluids to assist with shock, given antibiotics, pain relief and was prepared for surgery.

After several hours of surgery the wound was finally closed, and the foot was bandaged in a splint to help support the injured leg. Due to the extent of damage to Chilli's tendons and blood vessels, a referral to a specialist surgeon was required to attempt the re-fusing of the tendons and vessels, to ensure Chilli would have full flexion and use of his leg in the future.

After having yet another surgical procedure, the following day, Chilli is recovering at home, on strict rules to keep him quiet and confined. Any excuse to laze on the couch.....