Check for lumps and bumps

Stella, a 14 year old Jack Russell terrier, is one of our many senior patients who we see regularly (every 6 months) for her senior health check. On this particular visit Stella had some lumps that looked suspicious, one in particular was by her throat. 

We decided to take a small sample from inside of the lump to do some testing. The test, called a Fine Needle Biopsy, allows us to see what cells the lump is made up of and helps us determine if it needs to be removed. The cells indicated that it was best for Stella to have the lump removed.

Stella was admitted into the hospital and surgery was performed to remove the lump that was beside her trachea. The surgery went really well and as you can see from the picture here, Stella was eager to be going home with her dad that evening.

The lump was sent to the laboratory for a diagnosis and the results came back as a thyroid tumour. The majority of thyroid tumours are malignant so the right decision was made to have the lump on Stella removed. 

We are very happy to say that our vets were able to remove the whole tumour. At this stage Stella doesn’t need to have any further treatment besides the kisses and cuddles from the nurses whenever she comes in.

We will have to keep a close eye on Stella and continue to see her every 6 months for her senior health check for any signs of the tumour returning or if any other lumps appear.  Thankfully Stella doesn’t mind visiting us too much!