Bustah's ageing heart

Bustah is a senior gentleman now. The Red Heeler x Bull Terrier is now 15 years old and has a few health problems.  His biggest health concern is his ageing heart that causes him to collapse sometimes.

Bustah the 15 year old Red Heeler x Bull Terrier has an ageing heart

Bustah is on specialised medications to help control his heart problem and comes to visit us frequently. Sometimes we organise for  Dr Richard Wooley, a specialist veterinary cardiologist to come to our clinic to help monitor and manage Bustah's condition. 

Dr Richard has performed numerous heart ultrasounds on Bustah; firstly to diagnose Bustah’s condition and then to keep track of how his heart is progressing. Dr Richard is just one of a few well renowned specialists that we can organise to come to our clinic for a specialist diagnosis or treatment if needed.  You can rest assured that your pet will have access to the best specialist's veterinary help available.