Bush fire victim “Marmalade”

February's Black Saturday will be remembered as a day of loss, for everyone involved in the Victorian Bush Fires. Along with houses, there were a terrible number of lives lost including so many beloved pets. As a helping hand to the Whittlesea Vet Clinic and Wildlife Victoria, some of our nurses, including our Head Nurse Stacey, Nurse Natalie and veterinarians Suzanne and Belinda volunteered their time to help treat and look after the injured animals.

Marmalade the ginger cat was rescued from his local neighbourhood and taken to the Whittlesea Vet Clinic for burns treatment. He suffered horrific burns to his face, ears and feet. He was treated for shock and dehydration with intravenous fluids and was given pain relief on arrival to the clinic. All four feet were bathed and dressed with a zinc based cream and soft bandages. His eyes were flushed with saline and treated with a topical eye ointment. Marmalade was also given antibiotics to help manage the potential infection from the burns he sustained.

Daily bandage changes are part of his ongoing treatment, which he allows the nurses to do without a care. His recovery time will depend on how quickly his feet heal and how quickly the tissue repairs itself and granulates. His facial injuries will heal with time too; daily bathing is performed to help promote fresh tissue repair and new growth.

"He is just one of the very traumitised but brave animals that I treated on Friday", says Stacey, our Head Nurse. Like Marmalade, a lot of the pets need to be re-homed, as their houses have been lost

If you would like to do something to aid in the treatment of the injured animals, donations can be made at our clinic. Or for further information about re-homing, please contact the Animal Aid Rescue Centre at Coldstream.