Bronson - our biggest patient of the year

Meet Bronson the 18 month old Great Dane who visited us in early December last year for his desexing procedure and for a dental clean. Bronson is a big boy, weighing over 60kg and standing approximately 1.3m high. Bronson is too big to fit into our day surgery enclosures so we had a special bed made up in the preparation area for him.

This wasn't the only hurdle that faced our surgical team. The surgery room had to be rearranged so that Bronson, our surgery veterinarian and our surgery nurse could all fit comfortably in the room.

Once fully recovered from the surgery, Bronson was moved to the preparation area where he received lots of attention from our veterinary and nursing team.

Bronson was our biggest patient of the year, leaving everybody with fond memories of his stay with us.