Brave Tony

Tony is a 2 year old domestic long haired tabby cat who was presented to us looking lame and lethargic. Three days earlier he was in a cat fight where he had sustained a wound on the thigh of his left leg. Although the wound had started to heal, there was still significant swelling under the wound and evidence of puss within the swollen area. Unfortunately for Tony, he had a cat fight abscess. This required him to be put under anaesthetic to have it cleaned out and a drain put in.

A drain is a latex tube that is placed in an abscess to drain away any fluid or puss while the abscess heals. Three days later, Tony was back in the clinic to have his drain out. Our veterinarian noticed that there was still a small amount of discharge around the drain and the swelling around the wound had not gone completely. Tony was sent home for further recovery.

On Tony's next visit, he had his stitches removed but the hole the drain was in still had some discharge around it. Tony had steatitis which is an infection of the fat layer from the abscess. This meant that Tony had to have another surgery to remove the infected fat layer and the puss drained. Another drain was inserted into Tony, which again in three days was removed. This time however there was minimal swelling and minimal discharge around the drain.

At the post-operative check up, Tony's wound was healing well, the swelling had reduced significantly and there was no discharge from the drain. A week later Tony had the rest of his stitches removed. The wound had healed beautifully. Everybody was very happy, especially Tony.