Bounce's big ordeal - a routine checkup leads to cancer discovery

Bounce was brought to the clinic for a routine consultation. He had been happy and healthy, though he had lost a little weight. During his health check, abdominal palpation revealed a mass in his abdomen.

A fine needle aspirate was performed to aid in diagnosis, however the results were inconclusive and Bounce was sheduled for exploratory surgery. Surgery revealed the mass located at Bounce's Ceacum (the join between the small and large intestines).

After resection of the affected gut, and complete removal of the mass, a biopsy of Bounce's mesenteric lymph node was performed (to diferentiate if the mass had spread). Histopathology results of the mass revealed a mast cell tumour.

This is a very aggressive form of cancer, however the lymph node biopsy was clear, therefore we are hoping (paws crossed) that the tumour was removed before it had chance to spread to Bounce's other organs.

Bounce is very well at the moment, the fur on his belly is growing back, and he has regained the weight he lost!