Bon's eye problem

Bon is a fourteen year old domestic short hair, adopted by Marie in May 2002 and has lived a very happy life with her and his fellow feline, Angus. Bon has had a history of upper respiratory tract infections, which Marie has diligently provided Bon with TLC, medications and vet checks.

Marie brought Bon in to the clinic after noticing something wrong with his left eye. It had some discolouration for awhile, but she noticed that the pupil was constricted and not moving as well as it should have. We checked him over and decided he needed to be referred to an ophthalmologist where they could complete a wider range of testing and examinations.

After a visit to the eye specialist, it was confirmed that Bon had a mass which needed to be removed.

Marie booked Bon in with us for an eye enucleation surgery, where the eye is removed to ensure the mass and a 'safe zone' around the mass is safely removed.

Bon's eye surgery was a success and the removed mass was sent off for testing to ensure it is benign. Bon is recovering well at the moment, although having to wear an e-collar is hindering his happiness - being a cat, this is not unsurprising. With supervised time out of his cone of shame, however, Bon is perking up and enjoying life with Marie and Angus once more.

 In the meantime, we send Bon happy and positive thoughts while he continues on his journey to recovery.