Bonnie's gone yellow!

Beautiful Bonnie is an 8 month old French Bulldog who came to visit us about her vomiting.  Her parents also noticed that her faeces were a bright yellow colour!  The poor little girl obviously wasn’t feeling very well. 

We controlled Bonnie's vomiting with an injection which helps to settle the stomach and provided her with some low fat food. Blood sample was taken to investigate Bonnie's problem. The blood test confirmed that Bonnie had abnormally high liver enzymes which explained the bright yellow bowel movements. 

Our concern was what caused the liver to be so affected? There could be a number of issues that could have caused this effect including toxicity, inflammation or an infection.

In some cases the origin of the illness remains a mystery and at this stage it is still unsure what the original cause of Bonnie's problem was but we are happy to say that her latest blood test results show an improvement. If her enzymes continue to stay high we may need to do an ultrasound of her liver and further blood tests to pinpoint the cause, but in the meantime Bonnie has to put up with lots of love and a blood test regularly to keep an eye on the liver enzymes levels.