Bladder stones trouble Kingston

Kingston is a cheeky domestic long hair who came to us originally due to some persistent blood in his urine and pain when urinating. After initial tests showing up negative, stress was thought to be the cause. Kingston was sent home with some medication and a prescription diet to help manage his stress as well as some environmental changes at home to make sure he was nice and relaxed.

After some time, blood was still appearing in his urine so Kingston was brought in again for x-rays. Long and behold Kingston was suffering from bladder stones (ouch!) and it was decided by our Vets to remove them at our sister clinic Brunswick Central Vet Clinic via surgery.

The surgery was a success and Kingston is now pain free and back to causing havoc at home with his owner. Kingston's stones have also been sent all the way to the USA for testing to determine the cause and likelihood of recurrence.

It is always critical to not ignore urine problems in your cat, particularly in males, as their urethras are much narrower than in females, which means they can be easily blocked. Resulting blockages are always an emergency and can be fatal if not treated.