Black Saturday... a year on

It has been just over a year now since the awful tragedy that was 'Black Saturday'. We have been following the story of a special little ginger boy Marmalade who was a surviving burn victim of the fires. Now a year on we are happy to report that he couldn't be doing better.

It was by no means a quick recovery for Maramalade with him requiring daily bandage changes and constant nursing care. He also needed medicating as well as x-rays and a toe amputation, as a result of his feet being so badly burnt.

Marmalade is loving life with his new family with two little girls to give him lots of love and cuddles. He also has a new friend Dara, the Hungarian Visla, in the family. He is adapting well to all the changes and is definitely a true Aussie survivor.

Maramalade is just one of many animals affected by the devastation of the 'Black Saturday' fires, many of whom were not as fortunate as himself. Our thoughts are with all of those who suffered loss during this tragic time.