Bertie is all smiles again

This month we want to introduce you to Bertie Adam. Bertie is a happy five and a half year old Maltese cross who was recently booked in for a dental scale and polish.

Bertie had a Grade 2 dental which means he had some signs of gingivitis with some plaque and tartar build up. It is always better to correct oral hygiene before it worsens to the point where teeth would need to be removed. Find out more about dental diseases.

Before we performed his dental scale and polish, Bertie required a pre-ananesthetic health screening to ensure his liver and kidneys were able to process the anaesthetic properly. Being on the Best for Pet program, Bertie is entitled to one free health screen per year and unlimited veterinary consultations. The pre-anaesthetic health screening includes a blood and a urine test. 

The test results came back showing that Bertie was fit enough to undergo anaesthetic. We anaesthetised Bertie and gave him a good dental scale and polish.

Bertie has since come in for his check and we are pleased to say he has taken it all in his stride and now his smile matches his happy go lucky personality.