Bella's orthopaedic surgery

Bella is a lovely Schnoodle that is a regular here at the Carlton Veterinary Clinic. Coming up to 10 years of age, Bella leads a full life with her owners including lots of play time and walks. Unfortunately Bella has had some problems with her joints throughout her life and her owners had noticed that over the past 6 months this problem seems to have worsened. The usual treatment was not working and it soon became apparent surgery was the best option for Bella

All the arrangements were made and the date was booked for the procedure. Bella came in to our clinic and one of our most qualified surgeons Dr. A Whan, performed a Cruciate Repair on Bella's left hind leg. The surgery went very well and Bella recovered from her anaesthetic very smoothly, although she was very eager to get home and back to her parents.

Bella stayed at the clinic over night so we could keep her nice and quiet in our care and continue intravenous pain relief and antibiotics. She was monitored closely, after having such a major surgical procedure. The recovery for most orthopaedic surgery, is slow with lots of confinement. Short, on lead walks are slowly introduced a week post surgery.

We are so pleased to say Bella is making a great recovery after her procedure. Her caring owners have doted on her and made the process very easy by listening to the requirements and keeping in good contact with the clinic. Bella's last examination confirmed once again how well she is doing and we're sure she'll be enjoying her life to the full again in no time.