Baci the Super Trouper

If you met Baci the poodle on the street, you would never have known that he has been through a lot in his 11 months on earth.

He has....

  • at 5 months of age, jumped off a table and fractured his left front leg,
  • at 7 months of age, jumped off the sofa and fractured his left front leg - again,
  • at 10 months of age, injured his front left foot, and
  • at 11 months of age, had a juvenile canine tooth removed under general anaesthetic.

Baci's first fracture was fixed by the specialist veterinary surgeon by placing a screw in Baci's leg. After fracturing his front left leg for the second time, the surgeon decided to place a bone plate in Baci's leg to give it extra support.

Despite all these visits to Carlton Veterinary Surgery and specialist clinic, Baci is still a happy, active puppy. Some might argue perhaps too active for his own good!