Apricot the Poodle dislocates shoulder

A dislocated shoulder is mighty painful as little Apricot the Poodle has found out recently. After being accidentally stepped on out of our normal clinic hours, Apricot was taken to CARE (Centre for Animal Referral and Emergency) which is a 24 hour emergency clinic. At CARE, she had x-rays taken and her shoulder was popped back in place. 

We work very closely with our surrounding emergency clinics to ensure all treatment plans are carried out, even if some procedures are performed elsewhere.

The very next morning Apricot came into our clinic for a splint to be applied to keep the limb straight so the shoulder can heal. During this, Apricot was extremely brave and well behaved.  She will need to be in the splint for about 2 weeks and will need to be kept as quiet as possible during the healing process.

We expect Apricot to make a full recovery and be back to her normal self in no time.

Thanks to Dr Melanie Kuehn at CARE for the x-ray of Apricot's dislocated shoulder.