Amy gets a shorter tail

Amy is a gorgeous 8 and a half year old Persian who lives with her parents Carolyn and David. Normally living a life of luxury Amy rarely gets into any kind of trouble. However, one night David noticed she didn't look very comfortable. On close inspection it appeared that Amy had severely hurt her tail. Her owners had not seen what had happened to cause the injury but it was suspected that her tail may had been caught in a door.

Amy was brought to the clinic and after a thorough examination, it was decided that the best thing for Amy was to have her tail partially amputated, reducing the tail to half its size. The surgery was successfully performed by Dr Sondhya Basak.

Amy was the perfect patient and enjoyed lots of cuddles by the Carlton Veterinary team. At her post operative checkup, Amy appeared more sprightly and already more comfortable. When the time came for the sutures to be removed, the wound had healed well and Amy was looking good with her new little tail.