Allergies can't stand in the way of love

Fenrir and Fantine's owners love and adore their magnificent boy and gorgeous girl but they suffer from allergies when the two cats start to moult. Fenrir is a ginger Norwegian Forest cat. In Norse mythology, Fenrir is a gigantic wolf. Fantine is a tortoise shell domestic long-haired cat. In French, Fantine means child-like. To overcome their allergies, Fenrir and Fantine's owners bring them to us for their annual groom.

At their recent visit, our veterinarian discovered that Fenrir and Fantine needed to have their teeth cleaned. Their owners agreed that while Fenrir and Fantine were under anaesthetic for their groom, they might as well have their teeth cleaned at the same time. This meant Fenrir and Fantine only needed one anaesthetic each.

The type of groom that was given to Fenrir and Fantine is called a Lion Clip. The body is shaved short while the head, tail and feet are left untouched. Our lovely nurse Carina did the groom for Fenrir and Fantine. They both looked beautiful afterwards.

When their owners picked up Fenrir and Fantine at the end of the day, they were the stars of the waiting room. Everybody commented on how amazing they look. Now they have pearly white teeth and are low allergy for their owners. Everybody was happy.