A Pug named Lady

We would like to introduce to you Lady, a young female pug. Lady was rescued by her current owners. She had no known history of veterinary care other than a dog fight she was in that resulted in a blind right eye. The damage was so significant that the eye needed to be removed through surgery. Further on examination of Lady, we discovered that she had not been sterilised. Concerned for Lady's welfare and health, her owners decided to have her speyed as well. Female animals that are not desexed can develop mammary cancer and pyometra.

Both the spey and the eye removal (also called eye enucleation) surgeries were very successful. Lady recovered very well overnight after her surgery, though there were some weeps from the swab in the eye. The spey wound site looked very well and healing nicely. Our veterinarian removed the swab from the eye and an eye patch placed on the eye to protect the wound and the stitches. Lady's owners were instructed to keep the eye patch on for as long as possible over the long weekend.

On the Tuesday after the long weekend, Lady returned for a check-up. The patch had only lasted a day or so but that was expected, pugs heads are not designed for such things. Lady's eye was looking amazing. There was no weeping and the wound looked clean and healthy. The stitches looked fresh and intact. Everybody was extremely pleased with Lady's progress and she was well on track to have her stitches out the following Monday. Well done Lady!