A lump found on Fergis' ear

Meet Fergis, a 7 year old Bassett hound cross, who came in to see us in November after his owner found a lump on his ear. The lump turned out to be an aural haematoma, a blood clot in the ear.

Aural haematomas occur when a blood vessel in the ear bursts after a dog has been excessively shaking their head and scratching. In this case it was likely due to an irritation from an ear infection. Aural haematomas can resolve on their own, but sometimes get so big they require surgery. Fergis's ear got bigger over the next few days so surgery was required.

Under anesthetic, an incision was made along Fergis' ear to remove the clot. A drain was then put in place to prevent any build up of fluid after surgery. A stent was also applied to restrict movement and an e-collar so he could not scratch it.

Now, Fergis' ear has returned to normal and he is much happier at home.