A gentle giant named Rogan

Rogan is a beautiful 3 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback. He is a tall boy, weighing in at 53kg, but true to all large breed dogs he is a sweetie. Rogan came to the clinic one day with a lump in an unusual place - it was located above his anus directly below his tail. A sample of the lump was taken and sent off to the pathology laboratory for testing. It turns out that the lump was a perianal gland tumour, and fortunately it was benign (not cancerous). Rogan was booked in for surgery to have the lump removed.

An incision was made around the lump and it was removed. Being in such a delicate spot our vet stitched up the wound in a way to remove tension, though there was still a chance of some stitches being pulled when Rogan does his business.

Rogan recovered well from the surgery. Being such a large and heavy dog the nurses recovered him fully in the surgery room. When he was ok to walk, he was assisted to his warm and comfortable cage. Rogan was given pain relief as well as antibiotic medication. Due to the sight of the surgery there was a high risk for contamination.

At Rogan's next check up, the wound was healing well. He had finished all of his medication and seemed comfortable again. Rogan's owners were still bathing the wound daily. Our vet recommended leaving the rest of the sutures in for the next four days and reassess the area again then.

Four days past and Rogan returned to the clinic. The wounds had almost completely healed. Just a small area of shallow granulation tissue remained. The remainder of the sutures was removed. Rogan was to keep his Elizabethan collar on until the small wound was completely healed. Our vet was so pleased with the healing that Rogan didn't need to come back for anymore revisits. However, Rogan's owners will need to continue to monitor Rogan at home.