A focus on seniors - meet Daisy the cat

Daisy is a 14 and a half year old Domestic Shorthair who has been seeing us at Carlton, since 1993. Daisy joined our ‘Senior Cat Health Program’ in 2005. The aim of our seniors program is to regularly monitor some of the parameters that may alert us to the development of potentially life-threatening diseases, such as kidney disease, high blood pressure and dental disease. This allows us to manage these diseases before they cause any damage to organs and tissue.

We recommend that all cats over the age of 9, should be examined every 6 months. One of these examinations will be performed at your cat’s annual vaccination, and the other 6 months later. At each examination we will do a thorough clinical examination.

In addition, we would like to monitor your cat’s weight, collect a urine sample to monitor kidney function and measure blood pressure. These tests are non-invasive, and will give us valuable information about your cat’s health.

If you have any further questions about the program or would like to book in for a Senior Health check, please contact the clinic on 9347 1988.