A constipated Arabella

Arabella's owners were very concerned when they noticed she had been vomiting, not eating and possibly constipated. They brought Arabella to the clinic for examination. Dr Craig examined Arabella and found that she was dehydrated and slightly constipated, but no other discomforts were located. Arabella remained at our hospital for the rest of the day on intravenous fluid therapy and was also given a mini enema.

Over the course of the day, Arabella was rehydrated but did not go to the toilet or eat. She was sent home and was asked to come back the next day if there was no improvement.

The next day, Arabella returned to the clinic. Her owners reported that she had not eaten, hadn't defecated and was very lethargic. Dr Kylie exmained Arabella and this time there was indication that there was an area of discomfort in her abdomen. Arabella was admitted into the hospital for a blood test and a radiograph of her abdomen.

The radiograph revealed some possible folding in the colon. Surgery was required to investigate further. Dr Kylie performed the surgery and discovered a large bunch of nylon string in knots that had been causing Arabella's discomfort. Arabella was given pain relief and that evening was transferred to the emergency centre so she could be kept under close observation overnight.

The next day Arabella was transferred back to the clinic. She went very well overnight at the emergency centre though her temperature was high. She was placed back on intravenous fluid therapy and our nursing team monitored her temperature frequently. More pain relief was given to Arabella so she could rest and recover in comfort. Throughout the day, food was given to Arabella and she ate hungrily. She also urinated freely. That evening, Arabella was well to go home.

Several days later Arabella returned for a post surgery check up. Everyone was extremely happy with her progress that she didn't need to be seen again until her suture removal appointment. Arabella's owner was so graetful that she made our team a big chocolate cake which was so delicious! Thank you Arabella's parents!